Introducing: Death by Cliché

Final Redoubt Press brings you episode one of our new podcast audiobook, Death by Cliché.  This introductory double-length episode will be announced officially on Monday, but for you fans who are already watching this site, you can download it tonight.

Without further ado.  Death by Cliché.




29 thoughts on “Introducing: Death by Cliché

  1. Laura C says:

    Wait wait wait wait WHEN IS THE NEXT INSTALLMENT? I am hooked and trying SO hard not to laugh out loud at work. 😀

  2. admin says:

    I plan on dropping Mondays (which hopefully means Sunday, because I don’t intend to be up that late Sunday night).

  3. says:

    Have you considered publishing the file as a torrent? This would considerably reduce your bandwidth usage as well as the load on your server.

  4. Lady Amber says:

    Wow great start, I am hooked cant wate for the next installment great narrative form just too funny for words………. 😉 :) {*v*} 😛 😀

  5. Steve "Ngango" says:

    Having heard Defendi do his presentation for “Echoes of Heaven” (twice – I liked the premise), I had to listen to this. One day I’ll get around to trying Echoes. ‘Til then, I can chuckle over the fact that yes: all math must have begun with roaring drunks.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Steve. I’m always glad to have some repeat interest.

    Inkthinker. For now you might just have to suffer through listening to the book for free. :)

  7. Hirsute says:

    Duh. forgot the “feed=rss2″. That’s what I get for trying to work this new-fangled computer without sleeping much first.

  8. admin says:

    Glad you got it working. I want to put it up on iTunes as well, but not until I get a better feel for the download hit of you guys who’ve already started listening. :)

  9. says:

    I’ll struggle along somehow, but I look forward to it in print soon, I hope.

    It’s not that I mind the “listening” part, or the “free” part, it’s just that if I had it to read, I wouldn’t have to wait for a new chapter!

  10. DannyboyO1 says:

    Book form would be splendid… not just for impatience, but it is far easier to scroll back if you think you misread something than it is to go back if you mishear something.

    Closed captioning could also rock for those who lack, say, ears.

    But in any event, I’m ready to throw money towards a copy of this book and am THWARTED!

  11. Hi Bob, I downloaded the episode when linked from Howard’s blog, and gave it a listen on my commute. It was entertaining—you’re certainly quite creative. However, in my estimation, there’s a big problem with the way it’s recorded. Your narration parts are perceptually at least 50% louder than the character dialogue, at times 100% louder. Or rather, your narration volume is constant, but the dialogue is always quieter and sometimes a LOT quieter. That makes the podcast very difficult to listen to/understand.

    When I’m driving on the road, if I want to hear your dialogue parts reliably, I have to turn the volume way up, which makes the narration uncomfortably loud.

    It seems like you’re recording the different voices in different sessions and then editing them together. This may help you keep your voices straight, but it’s leading to this volume problem. Other audiobooks I listen to are just recorded straight (well, obviously there’s some editing, but they don’t do different voices in different takes). It seems to me that it would take a lot less postproduction to record in one take (if you screw something up, just keep recording and back up a little and edit it later). And it would help you make sure the volume level stays consistent.

  12. admin says:

    Dannyboy, you are indeed twarted. For now.

    Peter. I know. Your hearing an artifact of the panning, which we cut at the last moment. However we weren’t able to strip it all from the first episode, all we could do was convert it to mono before Writing Excuses dropped.

    You should have a better time with Ep 2.

    We do record straight through.

  13. Carolyn Larsen says:

    Apologies from the engineer. I was experimenting with spatial placement at 96KHz and it just wasn’t working. The phasing was insane. So I’m sticking to mono from now on. Thanks for listening! Bob is so fun to work with. I ruin takes by laughing out loud during recording.

    Don’t miss the funnies at the end…


  14. Robert says:

    This audio book was my brother’s revenge at 3 in the morning i casually decided to listen to single chapter then sleep as it was quite early then another and eventually the rest excellent work Bob

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