Death by Cliche–Episode 10

At long last, here it is.

The previously on is the only note that slipped through the cracks.  It’s too long.  The show proper starts at 5:05.  However if you want to hear the entire ending of the last scene of Episode 9 again, it’s all in there.  :)

Carolyn gave you guys a little present as well.  See if you can spot it.  :)  She did it completely behind my back.

Without further delay.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

36 thoughts on “Death by Cliche–Episode 10

  1. DarkEyedBlues says:

    I’ll wait till I’m sure everyone else has had time to listen before I mention my favorite parts, just to save people from the spoilers.

    I will say it was great. I enjoyed every moment of the entire book. I look forward to your next work and buying this one in actual book form, if that’s still happening.

    And Warlord stole my “first” post. My fault for choosing to listen before posting. : )

  2. says:

    There will definitely be a physical book. I need it as a fund raiser for paying Carolyn for the next product. :) I’m not getting her for free again.

  3. says:

    As long as the book does not cost as much as this bail-out is going to cost, count me in for a copy as well.
    I can hardly wait to get to listen to it.
    Stupid broken phone. Now I have to wait till tonight.

  4. says:

    No more onomasticon for you, Bob!

    Awesome book. I will definately be buying the book when it comes out. Also… any chance of a professional CD with the episodes on it? I’d buy it.

  5. says:

    I’d like to do a CD, but I need to explore the legal ramifications. I’d have to sell it, of course, which means that I couldn’t use our closing credits song, since it would violate the license. I’ll have to talk to Carolyn to find out about anything else she used in the production.

  6. GothicPunkFox says:

    I’d have no problem contributing to the funding of this stuff. However…I had one single problem with the entire DBC series… What happened to our hero in real life? Did he really get shot in the head? What was going on with him in REAL LIFE? That’s been bugging me since the start.

  7. says:

    He really got shot in the head. We saw that happen. We also saw a brief view of him on life support. Other than that, you’ll have to make this popular enough for sequels to find out. Tell your friends. :)

  8. says:

    Carolyn couldn’t post a comment, so here’s what she e-mailed me. I edited out stuff she probably doesn’t want to say in public:

    Basically, what this podcast needs to be sellable:

    1. “Night on Bald/Bare Mountain”–We could possibly write to Skidmore College and get permission. I could do it MIDI. Or we could just price performances to see if one is affordable. . . .

    2. “Skullcrusher Mountain”–Again, just write to the Jonathan Coulton people. . . .

    3. Re-record the crappy dialog sections. I swear if I have to do one more session of clipping out the 2 ms of static in between every syllable in a scene, I’m going to chew on high-voltage cable. I recorded my dialog at the end there using the new M-Audio microtrack and I must say that it does quite a good job. All the time. Although with my Detroit accent I really shouldn’t try doing any more serious announcer stuff.

    4. Add more sound effects. Go Mike McDonough! My hero.

    5. Remix Episode 1 so it’s clean and simple and so I can take advantage of everything I’ve learned during this ten-episode adventure.

    So, yeah, that’s what I should say.



  9. jame says:

    For some reason it’s not letting me download. I click on the download button and I get the “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” screen.

  10. says:

    Jame, you could also try clearing your cache and cookies. Works surprisingly often in IE.

    Bob, I agree with WEKM. Your thesaurus liscene should totally be suspended.

    Thank you both. I’ve really enjoyed listening.

    I’d love to see a CD sometime.

    Oh, and Carolyn, the outtakes were hilarious. Thanks for including those. (Although, “see if you catch it”? How precisely could we have missed it?)

  11. says:

    Jame: Yeah, so it sounds like however your browser is trying to handle sound files is broken. For instance, my firefox uses a quicktime plug in but my IE opens it in Windows Media Player.

    Raethe: That was more to let you know Carolyn had done that for you behind my back rather than because I thought you’d might actually miss it.

  12. Breella says:

    I loved it! I listened to it before my boyfriend did and now I’m itching like the little girl I am to blab all about it to him! You’ve done an amazing job on this one. Also, I would donate my voice to future works! (Not just because I’m too poor to donate through paypal, but because it would be so awesome to work with you.)

  13. Breella says:

    No Professor Defendi (:-P), I’m in New York. I actually must admit I wouldn’t even know about you or DBC if it wasn’t for my boyfriend’s habit of listening to Writing Excuses when we’re in the car.

  14. says:

    Raythe, As much as I would like to take credit for that, it was Quinch who wrote the thesaurus line.

    Bob, you should know by now that any good recording engineer will leave the mikes open, that is when you get the best stuff, as evidenced by the end of the last episode.
    Thanks Carolyn.

    Let us know when you have a price estimate on the CD, and don’t worry about re-recording, I think it is great as it is. You guys work great together and I am looking forward to your next project.

    Bob, I live in Lehi, and would love to help if there is need. (not a girl, but could offer another male voice to a cast list, might get my wife to offer up voice, and of course my daughter is a ham)

  15. says:

    Whoops – right you are, WEKM. Sorry Quinch!

    I would add my voice to the chorus of people offering their voices, but Utah is a little far away for me…

  16. says:

    Oooh. Hey, I’d be willing to donate my voice. I can’t tell you how many times people have said I’d be good in radio or something. Just don’t ask me to sing. :) (Or…. do, but be prepared for the consequences.)

  17. DarkEyedBlues says:

    I may be the closest non-utah poster (Phx, Az), but I would be surprised if anyone wanted to hear my voice.

  18. Bob, I must say that I was entertained by your book, but the ending was a letdown. Oh, the eraser and pencil were amusing and consistent with what had gone before, but D’Amico never confronted Karl? And Karl never said, “Hey, my universe has gotten away from me!” You hint at a sequel in your comments above, but without at least a taste of something like this, the novel really feels incomplete.

    (I’m not assuming my name spellings are correct, but it’s how I pictured them.)

  19. says:

    As for Bob’s singing being worse than mine….. I dunno….. I couldn’t carry a tune if it weighed one ounce and you superglued it to my hands.

  20. Kizor says:

    Ah, yes. World-shattering duels decided on the basis of incomprehensible mystic babble. The scene could hardly get more appropriate without special equipment. On the downside, the most effective affectionate parodies I’ve seen (Galaxy Quest and to a lesser extent, Airplane!) are the ones that both amuse and get the audience to genuinely cheer the characters on. That was hard to do without track of the events.

    The book kept me interested throughout. The combination of wacky fantasy hijinks and serious insight is a particularly powerful one, but the seams were visible enough that I came to think of them as the A-plot and the B-plot. This was mostly due to the B-plot’s redundantly repeated recitations of how dramatic, dangerous, dire, dreadful, deadly and otherwise “D”-saturated the situations were. My favorite parts are the entirety of the first episode and Dimiko’s nigh-messianic sacrifice for the rare, wonderfully positive demonstration of notagamefulness and his proactivity.

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