11 thoughts on “Death by Cliche–Episode 9

  1. Jame says:


    Let me just say, I’ve really enjoyed this podcast novel and hope that you make more (even if I do have to pay). Thanks!

  2. Sara says:

    So there will be ten.

    Well, I guess that could be good or bad. NO MORE CLIFFIES! *goes off to download episode nine*

  3. darkeyedblues says:

    Great episode.
    Every new twist in this one had me worried IT would be the cliffhanger and the episode would end too soon. It still ended too soon, as now we all have to wait til next week to hear what happens, but it wasn’t nearly as soon as I was afraid.

  4. Sara says:

    I hate to say it, but I laughed my head off this episode at everyone’s deaths. I’m a terrible person. That last chapter especially had be rolling on the floor. Until the end, at least, but that was still funny.

  5. darkeyedblues says:

    Well Sara, either it’s okay to laugh or we’re both terrible people.
    I loved the spices idea with the tank. I’m going to have to throw that in a campaign sometime.

  6. SangRahl says:

    I, too, loved the spices… but I admittedly had a flashback to a different locale where a PC uttered the line: “What purpose is served by setting a trap that only sprays barbeque sauce?”

  7. SangRahl says:

    Rich Burlew’s ‘Order of The Stick’… The next comic I read after getting my daily ‘Schlock’ fix.

    Specific page link:

    If you haven’t read it, by all means, please do so… I’d place it on my Top-Five list of ‘active’ comics. And most certainly in my Top-Ten of All-Time. (Right there with Tayler’s ‘Schlock’, but I don’t want to act like the total fanboy… heheheh.)

  8. says:

    Mr. Defendi, you have outdone yourself again. I finally was able to listen to 8 and 9 yesterday and I must say, you sir are a master of torturing both characters and reader/listeners.
    I can hardly wait for the last episode. Bob saving Latiana in a fly-by and screaming back down the hall, “Saving the world, forgive me!” was just classic.
    Opps, I guess I should say, “Spoiler Alert” next time.

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