18 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. darkeyedblues says:

    Oh man this episode ending much sooner then it should.
    I don’t know how I can wait a week for what might be, the final episode?

  2. says:

    Carolyn told me there were only nine. I thought there were 10. I can tell you this much, though, if there are only nine, nine is a big one. I have at least 12 chapters in the climactic fight. Probably more like 18.

  3. darkeyedblues says:

    Wow, the grammar in my last post was horrible. That will teach me not to post so late at night.
    But it’s good to know exactly how much of the story is left.

  4. DumbBLoke says:

    Having just been laid off, again, this is exactly what I needed to come home to find. Thanks for posting it, downloading now.

  5. Alasseo says:

    WOW! Just, WOW!

    Also, I hate cliffhangers like that, although the Vader vibe is rather cool (refusing to be more specific to avoid spoilers)

  6. says:

    Ooh! Yes, word count? I’m curious!

    So, I didn’t wait until hellweek was over. I failed my will save.

    I’m pretty sure I said this last time, but you are a cruel, cruel man.

  7. DumbBloke says:

    I must agree with Raethe, you are a cruel man Defendi, awesome cliffhanger, but still enough to ignite my blood.

  8. SangRahl says:

    Hmmm… only 9, eh?
    I guess it’s still “a comedy in d10 parts”, if you consider the community blog postings as the elusive 10th… especially with the activity between the 6th and 7th releases. Heheheh.
    I assure you, I’m waiting patiently for #9. Well, as patiently as a 2yr-old on a sugar high, at least.

  9. says:

    Hmmm… I have a bad question. In episodes 2+3, Hraldolf was “an evil man.” x3. He killed henchmen for kicks and giggles. He knows he’s an “evil overlord”. Why does he have an identity crisis when he determines that he’s the villain?

    Sorry. Other than that, continuity is beautiful, and there may easily be a good explanation for that one.

  10. eagleswings says:

    And as for the “comedy in d10 parts”, I swear I was waiting for you to declare it over after 2 parts, claiming we got a lousy roll or something. 😀

  11. says:

    Because he’s become real since then. The actually thinks about that in this episode, I believe. You probably just got distracted during that part. Happens to us all.

  12. eagleswings says:

    That may VERY well be. I was listening to this one on my computer instead of my normal three or four times in my car. And computers are quite the distraction. 😀 It’s really cool that I asked a question, even a dumb one, and got it answered BY THE AUTHOR. Thanks for all your work. 😀

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