Evidently the sound quality on Ep 7 was really bad. I received a copy today and managed to listen to it on my iPod Touch. The quality is below our normal standard, but at this point I know you just want the update. I’ve sent the list of editing typos, as we call them, to Carolyn. I hope to hear something of an update tomorrow.

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  1. Bob,
    as much as the cravings have hit, if you’re only going to be able to post the episode once, I think I’d rather wait for a good quality version (if you can replace a lesser quality one some time in the future, great, post away!). I really think Death by Cliché is destined to be a cult classic. It’s superb, and I’d hate a few years down the track to be discussing it and going “you know, Ep 7 really let it down”.

    Regardless, thanks to Carolyn, yourself and anyone else involved in producing this.

    Oh, and who out there _hasn’t_ considered the “Dooom!” sequence for their ringtone? Anybody?

  2. I’ll concur with Bob, above… if you can replace the initial update with one of better quality, down the road, then by all means do it. If it’s a one-shot deal, then take your time and we’ll just have to deal with the shakes and paranoia until we can get our fix.

    @Keramos: Nope, hadn’t considered it before. But… I will now. Have a few friends that still meet for their Thursday Night Game (Now, via skype… But, it’s been far too long since I cracked a book for me to take up the mantle, again… let alone getting familial permission to disappear for a night into the office.) that it would fit _perfectly_. Heheheh.

  3. Grrr… Meant to say “…concur with _Keramos_…” not “Bob”.
    ::sigh:: I need more caffeine, or maybe more sleep… Nah, caffeine’s easier to come by.

  4. To Bob and Carolyn,

    I agree with both comments above, while I am anxiously anticipating the next set of chapters, quality over quantity is still tops in my book when it comes to just about anything. I’ll listen regardless, but I just thought I’d toss my two cents in.

  5. I figured that I might as well add my voice to that of the mob. I’ll take whatever you’re willing to offer now, as long as I can get good later on down the road. If I can only have one, I’d rather wait for the better.

    I’ve really been loving this so far. I’ve spread it around to some of my friends, and even the non-gamer types enjoy it, although not to the fullest extent. They also enjoy it when I burst out laughing for what is to them no apparent reason, it seems.

  6. From Carolyn yesterday:

    This episode was evil and I am traumatized. Didn’t even get any efx in. I just bought an M-Audio Microtrack II so that I will never have this sordid experience again.


    *looks through daughter’s Christmas stash for chocolate*

  7. Poor Carolyn and thanks Bob. If it makes you feel better, your fans LOOOOOVE you both. And yeah, I agree with everyone else. Because I’m a sheep, evidently.

  8. Ok, if it has driven her to seek out chocolate, I will reserve judgment.

    I just know that it won’t be up before I have to head out in the morning though. Oh well, at least hopefully by the time I get home.

  9. Well, I thought I was just like the rest. That I´d wait for an episode with better quality whenever it came along… But I need my fix for the week!

  10. I need my fix.

    I’m starting to get the shakes… Re-listening to past episodes just ain’t doin’ it for me… Have pity man!

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it!

  11. Well, Carolyn is in Washington DC, on vacation. We’ve have very little communication so I can say nothing for sure. She won’t be back for a day or two. So there’s been no recording.

    That said, with the little, sporadic data I have, I’m hopeful that you’ll get a recording this week and weekly updates after that (She never answered my question on whether there are ten total or nine).

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