Evidently the sound quality on Ep 7 was really bad. I received a copy today and managed to listen to it on my iPod Touch. The quality is below our normal standard, but at this point I know you just want the update. I’ve sent the list of editing typos, as we call them, to Carolyn. I hope to hear something of an update tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Movement

  1. Keramos says:

    as much as the cravings have hit, if you’re only going to be able to post the episode once, I think I’d rather wait for a good quality version (if you can replace a lesser quality one some time in the future, great, post away!). I really think Death by Cliché is destined to be a cult classic. It’s superb, and I’d hate a few years down the track to be discussing it and going “you know, Ep 7 really let it down”.

    Regardless, thanks to Carolyn, yourself and anyone else involved in producing this.

    Oh, and who out there _hasn’t_ considered the “Dooom!” sequence for their ringtone? Anybody?

  2. SangRahl says:

    I’ll concur with Bob, above… if you can replace the initial update with one of better quality, down the road, then by all means do it. If it’s a one-shot deal, then take your time and we’ll just have to deal with the shakes and paranoia until we can get our fix.

    @Keramos: Nope, hadn’t considered it before. But… I will now. Have a few friends that still meet for their Thursday Night Game (Now, via skype… But, it’s been far too long since I cracked a book for me to take up the mantle, again… let alone getting familial permission to disappear for a night into the office.) that it would fit _perfectly_. Heheheh.

  3. SangRahl says:

    Grrr… Meant to say “…concur with _Keramos_…” not “Bob”.
    ::sigh:: I need more caffeine, or maybe more sleep… Nah, caffeine’s easier to come by.

  4. DumbBloke says:

    To Bob and Carolyn,

    I agree with both comments above, while I am anxiously anticipating the next set of chapters, quality over quantity is still tops in my book when it comes to just about anything. I’ll listen regardless, but I just thought I’d toss my two cents in.

  5. Samuel says:

    I figured that I might as well add my voice to that of the mob. I’ll take whatever you’re willing to offer now, as long as I can get good later on down the road. If I can only have one, I’d rather wait for the better.

    I’ve really been loving this so far. I’ve spread it around to some of my friends, and even the non-gamer types enjoy it, although not to the fullest extent. They also enjoy it when I burst out laughing for what is to them no apparent reason, it seems.

  6. says:

    From Carolyn yesterday:

    This episode was evil and I am traumatized. Didn’t even get any efx in. I just bought an M-Audio Microtrack II so that I will never have this sordid experience again.


    *looks through daughter’s Christmas stash for chocolate*

  7. Sara says:

    Poor Carolyn and thanks Bob. If it makes you feel better, your fans LOOOOOVE you both. And yeah, I agree with everyone else. Because I’m a sheep, evidently.

  8. says:

    Ok, if it has driven her to seek out chocolate, I will reserve judgment.

    I just know that it won’t be up before I have to head out in the morning though. Oh well, at least hopefully by the time I get home.

  9. deMelo says:

    Well, I thought I was just like the rest. That I´d wait for an episode with better quality whenever it came along… But I need my fix for the week!

  10. Junkie says:

    I need my fix.

    I’m starting to get the shakes… Re-listening to past episodes just ain’t doin’ it for me… Have pity man!

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeed it!

  11. says:

    Well, Carolyn is in Washington DC, on vacation. We’ve have very little communication so I can say nothing for sure. She won’t be back for a day or two. So there’s been no recording.

    That said, with the little, sporadic data I have, I’m hopeful that you’ll get a recording this week and weekly updates after that (She never answered my question on whether there are ten total or nine).

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