17 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. Carolyn Larsen says:

    “No, really, Bob, it says on the package. ‘Microphone Not to be Used as a Lightning Rod.’ ”

    *watches smoke curling up from the preamp*

  2. Wirrit says:

    On episode 2, somebody requested a version of these that omits the “Previously, on Death by Cliche…” section. I would like to humbly second that request. Even if it was as simple as just telling us “The recap stops at X seconds in” (and making sure the narrative flow works okay whether or not one’s heard the recap?), it would be sorely appreciated.

    [Slightly less humble, longer version with reasoning follows]

    Is there some story reason for the recaps to be there (involving Dimiko’s or Carl’s memories of how things have gone thusfar, maybe…?) that we just haven’t learned yet, or are the recaps specifically intended for the listener’s benefit? If the latter…

    Your listeners remember the previous episodes pretty well. We aren’t going to forget, in the space of a week, the kinds of things you’ve put in the recaps so far. Thus, the recap only seems useful for people who have, for some reason, never listened to the episodes that came before it — and if you want to accomodate that, it seems kinder to have there be an optional way for those people to get a recap*; rather than inflicting a minute or so of repetition on your returning listeners every single time they choose to listen to your podcast.

    *(Maybe a text recap in the blog post each time? Or a small, seperate file people can choose whether or not to play; if you prefer doing an audio recap?)

    I’m definitely listening to the book till the end, either way, but…as is, the recaps really do grate. As small as it might seem.

    Aside from the above mess — Great story thusfar, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes and exactly what happens.

  3. Chris says:

    Loving the book as a writer, gamer and fan of fantasy fiction. How many episodes is this going to run? I can’t wait for the next to come out when I finish each file, keep them up!

  4. admin says:

    It’s 9 or 10 episodes. I don’t remember the final count.

    I’ll ask Carolyn about putting a timestamp in. I commend your memory, but not everyone’s is that good. I know a lot of people how forget important facts from week to week on TV shows. :) I won’t name names.

  5. Carolyn Larsen says:

    Evidently the ID3 tags leave the file’s Properties blank (this is where you right-click on the file and select “Properties”). If I noted the start time of the episode there, would that work? Or should I just post it here on the site? (2:45)

  6. Wirrit says:

    Honestly, either way — it’ll be easier for me to get at if it’s posted on the site, but thank you so much for the option.

  7. Chris says:

    I agree with Wirrit, I tend to skip the recap as well and having an actual start time on the website where I download it would be helpful. I think the Properties tab would just be too much of a bother.

  8. says:

    The bell at the end of Hroldof’s chapter gave me a grin.

    Say, does that mean he’s gotta do it with the mask on? ‘Cause otherwise I’d guess that heads-a-poppin’ kills the mood. It’s the sort of logical gap that Carl might miss, but it’d come into play now that his world exists outside of his creative endeavours (such as they are).

  9. admin says:


    This is available now on iTunes. It’s called playtesting.net, since I didn’t want to brand the feed in such a way that it wrecked my ability to put out future novels. :)

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