14 thoughts on “Episode 3

  1. says:

    Woohoo! New chapter! I got questions!

    -During the Evil Overlord’s scene there seems to be faint music in the background, like a radio that isn’t quite tuned to the station, but barely discernible… Is this an audio clue to something in the story, or a recording error?

    -Is the name “Jerkit” or “Jerkin”? Both seem plausible.

    Loving the show, looking forward to the next one!

  2. admin says:

    Howard is right about Jurkand.

    As for the music, it’s nothing *I* planned, but Carolyn does add stuff for dramatic or comedic or ambiance effect. I don’t SUSPECT its and error, and I’d think I could hear it when we recorded if that were the case and Carolyn goes over every scene with headphones on. Still, it’s a possibility.

  3. Jame says:

    I meant, is a different human playing Laudanna in this episode, not the same girl who’d played her in the first two episodes.

  4. says:

    Aghh! I can’t believe it is already Thursday and I haven’t listened to this week’s episode. Oh well, I get some great me time at work today and I will probably burn through all three while I dig in the dirt.

  5. Carolyn Larsen says:

    What’s playing in the Evil Overlord scene–He’s in a dungeon. Those are torture machines, zombies playing on old bones they find in the corners, the subconscious mind telling him things…yes it’s deliberate. It’s definitely not a “Hey I just found this cool sound and I MUST use it somewhere,” and should not even be considered as such.


  6. Fiirvoen says:

    This stuff is absolutely brilliant! I have to wonder though, and I’m sure you will answer it in another episode or something, why the main character doesn’t wonder what must have happened to Lotianna’s player and link it to Carl? Obviously, Carl must have hit on her a little too much between sessions, but he seems to forget that it could be Carl’s fault she hates him and not necessarily his own. He just seems to forget his link to the GM as a percieved NPC. Maybe I’m just reading… er… listening too much into this.

  7. Fiirvoen says:

    I hope that post doesn’t come off as overly critical. I’m a magazine editor, obsessive compulsive tendencies come with the job… I absolutely love the series so far and I eagerly anticipate the next! I do appreciate how he realizes that he needs her and screwed it up, that kept the whole scene from becoming overly pedantic. Well done!

  8. Jame says:

    Oh, Lotianna. My bad, I know a girl named Laudanna and thought that was the character’s name, just pronounced differently.

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