About buying books.

Okay.  So a lot of people are talking about buying books.  We’re going to TRY to get this up and a available by christmas, but honestly, I don’t see how that can actually happen.  Most likely, we’d be able to get copies ready for purchase on Lulu in January for you to buy with your Grandma money.  We’re going to try, though.

Thank you so much for your interest.  I did not expect to be barraged with requests to buy the book on the first and second episode.  I am so very flattered.


2 thoughts on “About buying books.

  1. says:

    Kinda surprised by that, really, ’cause I would think that what you’re doing is (by nature, if not intent) promotional. If not of the book, then at least of you as an author.

    Still, I can wait. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying the podcast, and looking forward to the next one.

    And if you need a cover artist for your first printing, I’ll throw my name in. Illustration is what I do for a living, and it so happens I do a bit of RPG work (Crafty, Kenzer, a little White Wolf) and I enjoy it a lot. Feel free to drop me a line for references and rates.

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