About buying books.

Okay.  So a lot of people are talking about buying books.  We’re going to TRY to get this up and a available by christmas, but honestly, I don’t see how that can actually happen.  Most likely, we’d be able to get copies ready for purchase on Lulu in January for you to buy with your Grandma money.  We’re going to try, though.

Thank you so much for your interest.  I did not expect to be barraged with requests to buy the book on the first and second episode.  I am so very flattered.


Head’s Up

Official release for Episode 2 is Monday.  I might drop it a few days early to test the load of the smaller Episode 2 file on the server (it isn’t a double length ep).  I also increased connections between the web software and the database, which might have been some of the bottleneck.

The bottom line is, I might have all you all try to download at once before release, to see how we hold up.


So maybe I was wrong.

I looked at the report data for Tuesday and we had a LOT of downloads.  So the downloads Monday night might have looked small, but if they all happened at once, that might have taken down the server.  I’ll talk to my server people asap and continue keeping an eye on it.

And thanks for making the audiobook such an instant success.

Site Problem

The site went down a bit tonight and I had to reboot it.  I don’t THINK it was from too many downloads, but I’ll keep an eye on things going forward.  I’ll let you know if we end up needing to make any changes to the way we’re serving up files.